There are lots of ways to see the world. Some people choose to save money in advance so they don’t have to work while they’re on the road. Others prefer to work while they’re traveling. For me it was easy. I didn’t have a lot of money after graduating from college and I wanted to start my travels as soon as possible.


Being an au pair had always been something I was interested in. I simply love working with children. A few months before I graduated from college I signed up with an au pair agency and found a host family in the United States. I packed my bags and spent an entire year in sunny California. I took care of 2 sweet boys and had fun with friends on the weekends. I did a few road trips to San Francisco, Los Angeles & Yosemite National Park. I drove down the Pacific coast and even spend a few days in NYC.

During my time there I met some au pairs who had been doing this work for quite some time. And not just in the US. One girl from Spain had been an au pair in Switzerland and France (and even went to China after her time in the US was over).


After a year in California I went back to Holland and figured I had to look for a job. But I wasn’t motivated at all to settle down and start doing something I wasn’t TRULY passionate about. Yet I ignored this for almost 2 years and worked jobs I didn’t really like. Of course I got tired of living such an unfulfilling life and after some time I started thinking about this girl again. This Spanish girl who was traveling the world. Why wasn’t I doing this? Why was I settling for less?

Honestly, I could not think of a good reason.


I went online again, researching my options. Where did I want to go this time? The possibilities were endless. I decided to go to Australia. After a few months I found a host family and bought a one way ticket to Sydney.

Opera House (2)

I’ve been in Australia for more than 2 months now and I can honestly say that I haven’t regretted it for one second. I’m extremely lucky to have found the most amazing host family and Sydney is just a great city to live in! I’m so excited about traveling around in Australia (already been to Melbourne, Brisbane & Byron Bay and planning some more trips as I type this blog post).


I really do love my home country and spending time with family and friends over there. But the world is too big to stay in one place. There’s so much to discover. So many interesting people to meet. There’s nothing as important as following your dreams, whatever it may be. Put all those fears aside and just do it! Amazing things will happen to you.

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