The Q&A section on Au Pair Square is there if anyone needs advise on a certain topic related to being or becoming an au pair.

Send me an email at with your question or use the APSĀ contact form.

Here are some things you need to consider before asking me and the APS readers for advice:

  1. I may take your question and post it on the blog so other readers can comment if they want and we can all learn from each other.
  2. I will not post your name, address or other identifying information. Any names you mention in your question I might either omit or replace with a fictional name.
  3. If there’s anything specific that you don’t want me to mention on the blog you can let me know.
  4. Make sure you give us enough information to help you, like describing your current situation, how long you’ve been with your host family, how many children you take care of, what their ages are, the host family’s living arrangements; try giving specific examples to back up your question.

Please don’t post your questions in the comment sections. I might relocate them to a seperate blog post so that the APS readers can easily find them.

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