Maybe you’re asking yourself that question right now. Beside the fact that you hopefully like children and you like to travel why would you choose to be an au pair? Or why wouldn’t you? To some people the idea of leaving home might be scary. Yet they dream of traveling the world, embarking on great adventures and creating beautiful memories. I remember thinking “What the hell am I doing?” right before I left my country and the safety of my parents’ home. But sometimes we just have to DO instead of dream.


Yes, it might be scary.


Yes, there will be difficult times.


But right outside our comfort zone is where the magic happens! Out there is where you will feel alive. I’ve never heard someone say they regret having been an au pair.

Sure, sometimes things don’t go the way we planned and maybe it won’t work out after all. But in the end you’ll learn from it and you’ll always be thankful that you tried.


Still not sure if you want to take that first step?
Here are 10 more reasons that might motivate you.

1. Dive into another fascinating culture

Being an au pair is a perfect way to experience another country’s beautiful culture from up close. You get to see the ins and outs of daily life like you never would if you’d just be visiting this country as a tourist or an international student.

2. Get to know yourself better

It’s a good way for people to get to know themselves a bit better, learning to be more independent and responsible. Many people like to take a gab year after high school and go away for a while.. traveling, studying or working in a different country. Being an au pair is a perfect way to experience all these things. It will definitely help you prepare for what’s coming after you return to your home country. Should it be a full time job or going to college. Added bonus: it will look great on your resume.

Right outside our comfort zone is where the magic happens!

3. Make friends from countries all over the world

You will get to make great new friends from countries all over the world. Most of the friendships you’ll make will probably be with other au pairs or international students. How fun would it be if you get to visit all these friends in their home countries some day?

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4. Form a real connection with your host children

Working with children is a very rewarding job. You will be a big brother or sister to these kids, teaching them about life and being a big role model. Other than being a live out nanny, being an au pair will give you the opportunity to form a real connection with your host children. A connection that will possibly last for the rest of your life.

5. Enjoy the comfort and safety of a family

You will still experience the warmth and safety of a family life. Maybe you’re a little too nervous to just pack a bag and take that last minute flight to the other side of the world, not completely sure where you’ll end up. You’re not alone in this. Applying for an au pair job with an agency is one of the safest ways to experience life abroad.

6. It’s super cheap

It’s one of the cheapest ways to spend some time abroad. Sure you have to spend some money on a plane ticket, visa, insurance and an agency, but it so much cheaper than volunteering or studying abroad. In some cases the host family even pays for your plane ticket. Plus you get free room and board and pocket money every week!

7. It will feel like a home away from home

You’ll have a second home for the rest of your life. One you can always come back to, because part of your heart will always be there. It’s not uncommon for au pairs to get “homesick” after they go back to their own country!

You’ll form a real connection with your host children. One that will last a lifetime.

8. Learn to master a different language

You’ll learn to speak (or improve) a different language. It can be very exhausting to have to speak a different language every day, especially in the beginning. But it’s the best and fastest way to learn it. You can even take some extra language classes at a local school.

9. Do some traveling during your time off

You’ll probably get plenty of time off to explore the country. Rent a car and go on a road trip with friends. Sign up for a day trip to another city or go chill out at the beach for a few days. The best thing is that there’ll always be people who would be happy to join you!


10. You’ll make many great memories

Your au pair experience will be one big adventure, creating many great memories. Laughing and playing with your host children, dancing and traveling with your friends, seeing some of the most beautiful places on earth.

In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.



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