Size: 9,833,517 sq km (3,796,742 sq mi)
Population: 324,720,797
Capital: Washington, DC
Language: English
Currency: US dollar

Average au pair salary: 195 – 250 USD/ week
Plus: 500 USD for academic courses

Visa needed: J-1 Visa

Top 5 largest cities

  1. New York City (New York)
  2. Los Angeles (California)
  3. Chicago (Illinois)
  4. Houston (Texas)
  5. Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)

IAPA certified au pair agencies

Au pairs usually sign up with an agency in their home country that has partnered up with an agency in their host country. So for example: when I was an au pair in Australia I first signed up with an agency in The Netherlands that partnered up with the Smart Au Pairs agency in Australia. The Dutch agency helped me with the matching process and everything before I left, then after I arrived in Australia the Australian agency took over and I had to contact them for help. You can ask the agency in your home country who their partner is in your host country. If you’re not sure which agency to choose in your home country then you can have a look at the IAPA website.

Here are the IAPA certified au pair agencies in the USA:

Facebook groups for au pairs

Facebook groups are a great way to meet other au pairs. If you’re living in a remote area that has no Facebook group for au pairs you might want to try other ways like (not specifically to meet other au pairs, but still good to meet like minded people and a great way to meet some locals!).

Here are some of the largest au pair Facebook groups in the USA:

Day in the life as an au pair in the USA

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